Monday, March 15, 2010

The Art of 2009

I guess this is a retrospective of sorts, about the art I've completed in 2009.

Hey Black Child
Red, Red, Red
In The Midst of Joy, We Cry
The Tree Mother
Unlocked (What Lies Beyond)
Deep Inside
Jump At De Sun
The Light Held in One's Heart

Twelve pieces, an average of one per month, most of which were paintings (in some form or another, including mixed media). That makes sense, as I think of myself primarily as a painter...and I don't really have the resources to do lots of printmaking. Such a shame, really.

I continue to paint primarily feminine subjects, as I have in years past. I wouldn't consider that a bad thing, it just is. I think of my work as not only exploring the idea of the divine feminine, but of many aspects of myself...and always, always my Self is female. Perhaps a goal for the future is to explore the masculine aspect just as deeply?

I think that maybe I will put aside watercolor for gouache. I have much more experience with the former, but the latter seems more suited to my style of painting--heavier, paint-filled brush strokes--rather than the light, airy brush strokes and transparency most associate with watercolor. Honestly, though, from what I can see, the two media aren't that different from each other...of course, I need to play with gouache more. I've fallen in love with acrylics and have pretty much abandoned oils entirely for the time being. My experiments with collage have not brought anything to fruition in a long while, and I think that maybe some play with color (via various types of papers) may be preferable to shape (from bits from magazines).

Let's discuss themes and patterns and new possibilities I may explore. Let's talk about where I can challenge myself, both as an artist and separate from the work I do. Thank you for being a part of my art, and, in some way, a part of my life.


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