Sunday, June 6, 2010

Featured Artist: Omenihu Amachi

Omenihu and I studied art and communications in college together and it is my honor to share his work and words with all of you. He is one of the people who helped to encourage all the art majors who studied and worked together at Cheyney University to find their own voice and their own stories to tell through whatever medium they chose.

 "Wise and Foolish Virgins"
by Omenihu Amachi

On studio space
Like you, Nashay, I have utilized whatever space I find myself in, to create the oil and acrylic paintings and other art forms that I am blessed to express. I do know how painful it is, to stop painting abruptly, clean and pack up so that the space can be used for something else. For me, it takes much courage and determination to set up all over again, especially in another location and sometimes after the pallet is dry. However, just like Alika, the Igbo lizard who leaped from the tallest iroko tree and hit the ground on its belly, looked around and saw no one congratulating him for the feat, we persevere.

On my early days as an artist
My first memorable conviction as an artist was when, at age 7, after I made a quick drawing of my sister. When I realized that the drawing closely resembled her, something clicked inside me and I knew I could draw or paint just about anything, though I did not see myself as an artist back then.
I was happy to take all the art classes that came my way thereafter, and only decided to work as a professional artist after I moved to the States (from Nigeria).

On medium and inspiration
I employ the use of oil, acrylic, ink, watercolor, charcoal and graphite to capture nature's formal elements.
These mediums provide a gateway for expression of visions inspired from my past and present life-long experiences, dreams, imagination, events and folklore.
I constantly find inspiration in spirituality and beauty and in the culture and environment of my human experience.

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