Monday, August 9, 2010

Healing the Connection between Inner and Outer Space

My inner space is constantly moving forward while my outer space seems to stay still. Though there is a part of me that would like my outer space--my physical self--to move as fast as my inner one, I truly believe it is the work of the inner space that is most important, most vital to my continued growth and learning, both as a creative being and as a woman.

Yet I remain frustrated with the slow-as-a-snail's pace movement of my outer space.

I need to draw this. I already see its potential as a painting...even if I don't quite 'see' the image.

These are the bits of prose that usually end of in my sketchbook. They are often more numerous than the drawings; bits and pieces of observations and quotes and prose that I don't usually share for they are as scattered and incomplete and mysterious and overwhelming and emotional and nebulous as my inner space. My art collects this and that from my inner space so I can see it clearly, feel and express it--bring it into my outer space--with some measure of certainty...

Oh, and many thanks to Laura--who I think lives a much more exciting life in her outer space than I--for the metaphor.


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