Thursday, September 16, 2010

Frustration, longing, restlessness...and the energy drawing

What does frustration look like? Longing? Restlessness?

I know what they feel like, a little too well, but maybe if I figure out what they look like, I can paint them and (I hope) work beyond them, towards something new and wonderful...

I'd like that very much.

In my mind's eye, I pick up a pencil and I scribble and erase, scribble and erase--an energy drawing. I haven't done one of those since college, as attempting to bring about an image from what seemed to be a mess of lines was pointless, I thought.

Maybe, that is exactly what frustration looks like. The process seems to be very similar; an attempt to bring order and perhaps even beauty to a messy mind...but what of the product?

The energy drawing does not always produce a beautiful thing.

Sometimes, it remains raw and rough. There is beauty in that as well.


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