Friday, April 1, 2011

"Leaving A Mark" on Threadless?

A long-standing creative goal of mine is to become a t-shirt designer for Threadless. Those amazing tees are all from user-submitted and -scored designs, and as an artist and a fan, I want in.

Maybe this is my chance?

The theme for this contest? "Acts of Green".
Over a billion people celebrate Earth Day every April 22nd, making it the largest civic holiday in the world. It's the one day when the environment gets the international attention it deserves. This year, Earth Day's mission is to convert heightened awareness into action through the world's largest environmental service and advocacy campaign. We call it A Billion Acts of Green

Billion Acts of Green™ isn't about changing your entire life around. It's about inspiring every individual to make smart changes that, together, make an enormous difference. You can help us build the movement by sharing an awesome design based on this campaign.

My design, "Leaving A Mark", is up for voting now. For those who aren't familiar with Threadless, each submitted design is given a seven day period where users vote for designs they like best. The ones with the most votes get printed.

Go vote on my design! Share the link with your friends!


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