Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Beginnings Suck and Why You Have To Begin Anyway

Note: I share this post from Kesha Bruce's blog, as it sums up a lot of what I've been feeling lately. Beginnings do suck. Begin anyway.

"Let me take the idea that has gotten me this far, and put it to bed. What I'm about to do will not be that. But it will be something." -Ze Frank 

This week I’m back in the studio full time after a long hiatus while I was working on other things.

I’ve managed to clear a lot of blur and noise from my life so I can just focus on making my work for the next few months.

Beginnings are scary.

Sure, beginnings can be craaaaazy exciting, but they can also suck. A lot. 

Momentum is a powerful thing, but at the beginning of any new project—you have none. 

Right now I am at the grunting, groaning, “this sucks so effing much” part.

My only reassurance being “I’ve done this before, I can probably do it again.”

Here’s the thing: When you start, you always start from the beginning.

There are no short cuts worth taking.

Just begin.


Kesha Bruce is an artist and the director of Baang and Burne Contemporary Art in New York. Her ideas on art marketing and creativity can be found on her blog at


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