Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Art of 2010 and 2011's Goals

I hope everyone has had the happiest of holidays. Let's look at the art I've done in 2010, shall we?

The Secrets of Growing Things
Release (Freedom Belongs to Those Who Know the Beauty and Power of Their Voice)
One Thousand Swirling Wishes
I Fly (Return to a Dream)

I do wish I'd done more, but these seem to be the layered, multi-storied paintings I most want to create.

Still, there needs to be more.

What are my goals for 2011?
  • Complete one sketch a day for a calendar month
  • Finish and share at least one piece a month
  • Continue working on art goals: practice drawing facial expressions, clothing, feet, human figures, perspective, and incorporate found objects into artworks
  • Write a proposal for an art and social change project
  • Investigate Kickstarter as a funding source for an art project
  • Work with a friend to create a website for my art
  • Experiment at networking with other professionals who have talents I don't
  • Figure out how to track time spent on art and money (if any) made from it
I feel this is plenty ambitious, and I look forward to the challenge.


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