Monday, March 7, 2011

The 2011 ART FIX In-House Residency Challenge

I've been in such a non-creative state lately: unfocused, empty of ideas and energy, stressing about this and that and the other thing. Meanwhile, nothing much is happening, creative or otherwise. I've been reading blogs and Twitter, hoping for something that sparks...well, anything.

Somehow, I ran into artist Kesha Bruce on Twitter, and her ART FIX In-House Residency Challenge.  The challenge is simple: use the art supplies you have on hand, finish incomplete projects, and post new art weekly. Seems pretty straightforward, right?

Let's see what I'm starting off with, shall we?

Three canvas panels, three stretched canvases, a three yard roll of unstretched canvas...

Three works-in-progress (two paintings, one relief print), four small stretched canvases, seven blank linoleum blocks of various sizes...

...and one watercolor block.

There might even be more watercolor paper floating around here somewhere! I have no idea, as I am the polar opposite of organized.

To be honest, I have very little idea what I'll do with any of it...where will I start?

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