Thursday, March 10, 2011

On Drawing and Sketching

I rarely ever make sketches. I don't ever fill sketchbooks with drawings; a glance through my sketchbook may reveal a few ideas that are really worth developing, but by and large, its empty.  I have taught drawing; it is easy to see the difference in the drawings those who draw regularly and those who don't.

I see the value of the sketchbook.

It makes me question my own dislike of drawing: Is it because I think I'm not good at it, or because I'd rather paint or do printmaking? Is my time better spent working on the final product, or visually developing the idea behind it? I know that the drawing can be a final product in and of itself, but those aren't usually done in my sketchbook...

I drew in my sketchbook today, something that I definitely plan on returning to. I also periodically reexamine my sketches, for ideas that could be developed further or something I could incorporate into whatever it is I am currently working on.

Sometimes I think that maybe I don't dislike drawing as much as I think I do. For me, it is a means to an end, catching ideas and images before they are forgotten and helping them they help me grow in my artistic ability.


  1. I do the same thing. I'm trying to make it more of a habit, because I do notice that if I give it time I get into a groove and start making some interesting stuff.

    I recently created a painting that was from a sketch that was about two years old. Suddenly it clicked. Weird.

  2. @Lesley I've done that. It's also interesting to take bits and pieces from a few different sketches to form something new.