Monday, August 26, 2013

State of the Artist: August 2013

Happy Monday!

I really should post here more often, if not about the work I'm making at least about the work I'm seeing. I'd like to go see Witness: The Art of Jerry Pinkney at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Some of you may know his work well, as I do, from the many children's books he has illustrated over the years. I loved reading as a child (I still do, actually) and dreamed of illustrating books myself someday. Perhaps I could write a little here about my most loved children's books and how they influenced me as an artist?

Wise Words

"Nothing is more apt to deceive us than our own judgement of our work. We derive more benefit from having our faults pointed out by our enemies than from hearing the opinions of friends."  --Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)

I love the glowing praise my art gets from the people who love it. It makes me happy when people tell me that my work is "strong" and "bold and rooted in emotion". It lets me know that I'm connecting with an audience, however small, and sharing in something mutually meaningful.

Sometimes, something--or everything--I've done is not to an individual's taste and that's fine, but there's nothing to be done with that.

Tell me you don't like my work. In truth, we gain more in the long run from criticism of a constructive nature. The key word there is, of course, constructive. It's okay, really...but tell me why. Therein lies creative advancement. I can learn from that. I can see where something might not be working.

Current Projects

Paintings in Progress: 3

That's okay, I guess. I like working on a few different things at once, so no one piece feels forced. I can take the time I need to consider what comes next in each piece, since they rarely ever come to my mind fully formed, ready to be 'born', as it were. Works come together in bits and pieces, over a period of weeks or months, and I have had to learn to be okay with that. I was hoping for more of a response on my last post, as I know it is a topic that (usually) elicits strong feelings from a lot of people.

You can always see more of my in progress work on my Twitter and Instagram.

I am also writing a performance piece! This work is new to me; it's scary and exciting and maybe even dangerous, but it feels right.


Those of you who don't keep up with me on Facebook might not know that Hyacinth Girl Press' newest chapbook Darling Hands, Darling Tongue by Sally Rosen Kindred is available now. It's a darling little collection of Peter Pan-inspired poems for which I did the cover art (prints of which are available here, in my Redbubble shop). I love the sheer variety of art and artists--both poetry and visual--of the works published by Margaret Bashaar and the team at HGP.

I am thinking of making this State of the Artist a monthly thing. What say you, internet?


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